My KAP setup

Got my website updated and added a KAP page.

This is mostly glamour shots of the builds.
Only recently it's out of commission on account of the cheap ebay kite beginning to fray around all the seams and the cheap RC radio fritzing out.
Next update will be a Dan Leigh build and updating the electronics to full wifi system with wind, elevation, and string tension telemetry. (prolly not for a while though)


  • Nice. I like your website. Looks like your very versatile after looking at all your projects. :-)
  • Thanks!

    I'm a jack of all trades I guess...

    Wrote the website from scratch too.
  • Looks good!
  • Very nice; the site looks very good and full of nice toys,... i like also pipes, the magic box that can be opened by a couple,... nice

    MacGyver is a your friend ?

    congratulations for all

    SMAC from Italy
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