AKA 2017 KAP competition - Need help from my fellow KAPers!

Fellow KAPers,


I need some help to support the AKA 2017 KAP competition. I will be working in Spain and will only be able to attend the last day of the AKA convention and awards banquet.

The AKA Annual Convention (and KAP competition) will take place in Ocean City, Maryland, USA from October 9-15, 2017.

Specific help requested:

- Participation in the KAP competition (by submitting your photos) – need at least 5 KAPers to commit to submit photos (last years we only had 2 KAPers participate). Participation is easy - just email in your KAP photos. Printing of the photos for display during the awards banquet is recommended but not required.

- Attendance at the AKA convention (especially the last day for the awards banquet to help with the balloting process).

Need your reply to this post to confirm your participation. by this Friday (Sep 29) on the above two points.

If we do not get a minimum of 5 KAPers interested in submitting photos for the 2017 AKA KAP competition, I will reluctantly cancel the KAP competition. Note: we had over 20 KAPers participate in 2014 but the numbers have declined over the last 2 years.

I am planning on attending Friday and Saturday and I am looking forward to meeting fellow KAPers at the event.

See a summary of the 2014 AKA Convention and KAP competition at Naggs Head, Outerbanks North Carolina here.

The official rules are posted on the AKA Web site here and also listed below.

1st place awards will be issued for each of the following two categories:

- AKA Members Choice KAP Award – Must be a member of AKA, must attend the AKA Annual Convention and must have a kite in the picture.

- Open AKA KAP Competition – Must be a member of AKA and have no kite(s) in the picture. Attendance at the AKA Annual Convention is not required.

Each photo entered in the competition must meet the following requirements:

Photographs submitted must have been taken by the contestant
Photographs submitted must have been made by lifting a camera with a kite
The photographer must be a member in good standing of AKA at the time of the convention.
Images that have received awards in any other competition are not eligible
Images must be submitted as digital jpeg files.
Images may (optionally) be printed with a maximum of 24″ on any side. There is no requirement for mounting or framing.
No signature, watermark, title or explanatory text may appear on the face of the photograph.
Up to three images total (for each categories) may be submitted by each KAP competitor. Example 3 images for each category = 6 total images.

Photographers who submit prints in addition to the required digital JPEG files are encouraged to donate prints to the AKA fund raising auction (this is optional and not required).

Entry includes granting permission to the AKA to publish the images in AKA Kiting and the AKA web site.

Submitting an Entry:

All entries must be submitted as digital JPEG files via e-mail to the AKA KAP Committee.
Each submitted image shall have the following information included with the e-mail submission:
Image title
Submission Category:
AKA Members Choice KAP Award – must have a kite in the picture
Open AKA KAP Competition – no kite(s) in the picture
Photographer’s name and e-mail address
Location where the image was taken
Month and year the image was KAPtured (captured)
Make of camera and kite used
Printed images maybe transported by the submitting KAPer attending the AKA convention or via shipment (UPS/FEDEX/other). Shipment address varies each year. Note digital JPEG files submitted to the above e-mail address are required for all printed submissions.
Deadlines for submission:
Noon on the Thursday prior to the AKA Annual Convention Awards Banquet. Note the late deadline is intentional to permit submissions from the AKA convention week. The deadline is the same for all submissions (digital and printed images).
Competition display and voting during the AKA Annual Convention Banquet:

Note: the display of images & voting process may vary slightly year to year and with the convention venue. The following are guidelines only with a focus on a simple straight forward process that is fair and easy to administer.

Printed submissions will be displayed during the week and during the banquet
Printed images will be placed on a flat table or wall.
All entries will be projected using a PC projector and or HDTV during the banquet using the submitted digital JPEG files and optionally at AKA venues during the convention week.
All entries will be posted to a gallery on the AKA web site so all attendees can view the images using smart devices (phones / tables / laptops) at their own leisure.
A picture collage of all images will be printed with unique numbers for each picture and displayed with the printed submissions and posted in the AKA image gallery.
Pictures in the AKA Members Choice KAP Award category will be numbered 100-199
Pictures in the Open AKA KAP Competition category will be numbered 200-299
AKA members in attendance at the banquet may view the images both electronically (projected images or from their electronic devices at their own leisure) and printed in the designated display area. AKA members in attendance at the banquet will select the best picture in each category by writing the number of the picture (as displayed on the picture collage) on their ballot (handed out while entering the banquet) and placing the completed ballot in the ballot box.
The AKA KAP Chairperson in attendance with assistance from AKA members in attendance will count and award 1st place to each KAP category:
AKA Members Choice KAP Award – must have a kite in the picture
Open AKA KAP Competition – no kite(s) in the picture

Looking forward to your replies!



  • Maybe if they drop the membership requirement...
  • Sorry, nothing to offer. Haven't KAPed since February. I have been spending my time flying on the dark side.
  • Sorry, I've no interest in joining the American Kite Flyers Association and don't want to pay $50/£38 to enter a competition.
  • Will participate this year, hoping my submission will not be "lost"....
  • Thanks Pierre, need 4 more KAPers to make this competition a go. Back up plan.... Display only... no competition.
  • Jim Submission sent to KAP@aka.kite.org and CC yourself, let me know if you wish to display only, I could send you a wider selection of KAP documents.
  • When is the deadline for this? I just came out from the hospital.
  • AKA 2017 Convention – Ocean City, MD

    Flying kite is always fun.

    Flying kites with fellow KAPers and kite enthusiasts is even better.
    American Kitefliers Association (AKA) Ocean City Maryland 2017 Convention
    American Kite Fliers 2017 Ocean City ConventionAmerican Kite Fliers 2017 Ocean City Convention

    The American Kitefliers Association (AKA) 2017 convention in Ocean City Maryland, USA was a fun and rewarding gathering.

    Work prevented my arrival till the last 2 days of the 6 day event on the Atlantic Ocean beach in Ocean City Maryland.
    American Kitefliers Association (AKA) Ocean City Maryland 2017 Convention
    American Kite Fliers 2017 Ocean City Convention
    The KAP turnout was light with just a couple of KAPers in attendance (Nestor Rivera and I).

    A Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) workshop took place on Saturday morning with approximately 15 enthusiastic people in attendance. A handful of the workshop attendees had KAPed a few times in the past but most were new to KAP.

    The workshop started with a detailed discussion on kite used for KAP. Four kites were set up in the room, 10 foot BKT Rokkaku, a 9 foot BKT Dopero, a Levitation Light delta fitted with a Mike LeDuc Dynamic Spreader (lots of interest in the DS) and a Stowaway delta with and extra long 50 foot tail. A brief explanation of each kite ensued with the recommended wind range for each kite.

    Next up was a detailed discussion on kite line and Stratospools. While not discussed at length on this KAP discussion forum, I have recently switched from near 100% Dacron kite line to near 100% Dyneema kite line. The Stratospool in the KAP workshop was fitted with 150 lbs. Dyneema kite line. I shared my transition from Dacron to Dyneema. The major advantages of Dyneema include lower weight, lower wind drag, very durable and most importantly near zero stretch in the line. The low stretch helps a lot with the stratspool yielding less stress on the Stratospool. I am planning on a new light weight Stratospool over the winter months ahead. I also shared the importance of using rubbereized gloves to help grasp the slippery Dyneema kite line.

    Cameras and KAP rigs were up next. A brief demonstration was given on how to attach the KAP rig to the kite line. A brief description of my dual camera (Sony A6000 and Hero 3+) auto KAP rig followed. Lots of interest in the CamRemote control chip as weil as the Gentiles IR trigger for the shutter on the Sony A6000.

    The balance of the day was spent on the beach doing KAP above the AKA Ocean City flying fields. Also sharing the beach was the 20 team Ocean City Ultimate Frisbee tournament (As one of the founders for the sport of Ultimate Frisbee, I enjoyed the dual action of kites and Frisbees!).
    American Kite Fliers 2017 Ocean City Convention

    Corvettes – lots of Corvettes (the sports car) topped off the day with over 500 Corvettes doing a parade on the Ocean City boardwalk as part of a special event in Ocean City. A fun weekend on all fronts.
    American Kite Fliers 2017 Ocean City Convention

    As noted in my original post, the turnout was low for the AKA KAP competition with only two submissions (Nestor and Pierre). A decision was made earlier in the week to just have a simple display of KAP shots as part of the AKA banquet on Saturday night in place of a formal KAP competition. Thanks to both Nestor and Pierre for their submissions.
    American Kitefliers Association (AKA) Ocean City Maryland 2017 Convention
    American Kitefliers Association (AKA) Ocean City Maryland 2017 Convention

    Special thanks to Nestor for helping out with the KAP display.

    Hopefully more KAPers will participate at the next AKA convention in October 2018 at Shreveport Louisiana.

    Enjoy a bunch of pictures below and in this flickr album.

    American Kitefliers Association (AKA) Ocean City Maryland 2017 Convention
    American Kitefliers Association (AKA) Ocean City Maryland 2017 Convention
    American Kitefliers Association (AKA) Ocean City Maryland 2017 Convention
    American Kitefliers Association (AKA) Ocean City Maryland 2017 Convention

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