Lost Household KAP Insurance - legally a kite has become a drone?

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I have mentioned before how the rise of the drones could impact the rules relating to KAP on national heritage sites. Now it is the turn for insurance.

My household insurance, under personal household liability, covered me for flying a kite with a camera for non-professional use. I had to have this confirmed in writing, some years back, as being included under 'hobbies'.
I am now told that this is no longer the case, as flying a drone is now specifically excluded. The all encompasing definition of a drone also defines a kite, no exceptions ;o(

My remaining cover is under our archaeological trust's policy.

There is also this route for KAP cover in the UK:
............Oddly, I have just spoken with the person that handles this policy and he told me that they do not cover the BKFA for aerial photography!?


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    MoreThan Insurance (UK) has let me know that they have checked with their underwriters and kite aerial photography, as a hobby, is covered under the 3rd party liability part of their house insurance cover at no extra cost.
    This was a response to my posting on Facebook - well done MoreThan!

    One of the insurance brokers that I contacted summed things up nicely. I asked if they provided an insurance policy for flying a camera on a kite and his response was "you mean a drone?"
  • I'm covered though the BKFA for KAP with an extension to the main kite 3rd party insurance.

    Fly High

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    You may be covered through BKFA.
    Jerry Swift of BKFA is going to check with the company that issued the policy. It may be that their representative, who manages the policy, is not that familiar with it (despite pulling it up on the screen as we talked), as his predecessor who issued the policy has left the company. I was told by the company rep that they do not handle KAP insurance for anyone, but refer people onto other insurers.

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    I was told by the insurer below that this policy (3rd party only) for conventional kite flying covers flying a camera:
    The quote I got was between the upper £20s and £30s depending on the amount of cover.
    Get a quote online.
    Do follow up to confirm coverage.

    So, the issue is not with the underwriters but with insurance broker staff.
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    Quoting John Wells... One of the insurance brokers that I contacted summed things up nicely. I asked if they provided an insurance policy for flying a camera on a kite and his response was "you mean a drone?"

    And this person attended college somewhere to be able to perform this job....?
  • I have confirmation from a previous account manager at our brokers that KAP is covered whereas drones are specifically not. I have forwarded this to the current account handler as this cover has never been withdrawn.

    I will let you know where we get to.

    Jerry Swift
    Chairman BKFA
  • Further to my last post, I now have confirmation from our brokers, Howdens (formerly known as Perkins Slade), that KAP will continue to be covered under the policy available to members of BKFA member clubs. Please note, BKFA cannot offer this cover direct, it is only available at a fee to members of member clubs.

    Please note that the cover is third party: it does not insure for the loss or damage of the insured's equipment.

    Two policies are available. One is for member clubs and their members at club events. The premium depends on the number of members the club has.

    The second is an individual insurance, again only available to members of BKFA member clubs, but to cover them whilst flying in accordance with our guidelines, worldwide at any time with the exception of Canada and the United States of America.

    If anyone would like further details, please email me jerry56.swift@btopenworld.com

    Jerry Swift
    Chairman BKFA
  • That must be a relief Jerry. Good to have it sorted.
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