Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2017

Is anyone going to Fuerteventura Kite Festival this year?

Does anyone know if you have to register to join in with the meal, competitions events etc.?
If so, how and where do you register?

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Sue Storey

We'll be taking a Circoflex kite of the Hull City Skyline when it's finished as well as the normal (whose normal?) KAP gear


  • All sorted.
    We did let the organisers know we're going and I've had lots of useful replies from various mainly Facebook kite club pages.
    We're going for two weeks with the kite festival on our last 4 days.
    Ken has just received a rather special sport kite like the one I bought at St Annes kite festival earlier this year and I'm hoping to make a small high wind sport kite like one he bought at the same auction.
    Yes I'll be taking some KAP gear and kites with me.

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  • SueSue
    edited November 2017
    After visiting a lighthouse on a very rocky windy promontory where it was impossible to fly a kite, we stopped at this village of Tuineje for a short KAP session. I used my new delta and Ken helped hauling it down after the session. The countryside is very rocky and barren outside the villages with very little greenery anywhere.

    Fuerteventura village KAP

    The kite festival starts tomorrow.

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  • Hi Sue,

    wish you all the best possible for next days and later a good return

    SMAC from Italy
  • Thanks Sandro
    It is forecast for two days of strong winds then OK at the weekend

    Fly High

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