Photo Submissions for KAPiCA 2016 Book

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I will be creating and designing a book for KAPiCA 2016 thru
If you KAPed at KAPiCA 2016 I would like you to submit 1 to 4 of your best images to

The book will present KAPers in alphabetical order by last name.
Each KAPer will be presented on a two page spread.
We will have a book cover competition to decide the covers of the book (coming soon).

Submission deadline is December, 15 2017

Image requirements:
File Type= JPG, JPEG
Color Space= RGB, sRGB, Greyscale
Image Resolution= 250-300dpi
Max Image Size= 75 megapixels

The below information will be publish on your page
Title of image and/or location
Camera used
Lens used (optional)
shutter speed and f stop (optional)
Kite used
Wind speed

Your Bio (this info will also be publish with your page)
Your Name
Your email
KAP forum name (if you have one)
City & Country
How many years have you KAPed
Tell us your story about KAPiCA 2016

Look forward to your submissions and if you have any questions contact me at


  • Count me in Nestor!

  • Absolutely...
  • Sent already ! Even before I sent the WWKW 2017 photos and info.

    Fly High

  • Deadline extended to December 15 2017
  • Sorry for falling off the face of the earth and not updating what is the status of the book. Unfortunately I was sick with the flu for about 3 weeks and other personal distractions, but feeling better. I’m on an overdue vacation right now and will be attacking this book in March.
  • One more thing I just want to give a big thank you for all who are participating in the book, I hope I do justice for all your outstanding images and writings.
  • Don't rush Nestor - we can wait!
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