More kites for sale: Dan Leigh R8, Triton, Fled, Kiwi Delta

As I wrote in a previous post this summer, altough I was an active kapper a few years ago (see my pics here), I am not kapping anymore, so I have decided to sell some of them. I am keeping a few, just in case.

A few months ago, I sold my two Jones Airfoils kites, a Dopero and a Rokkaku.

Now I am selling the following kites:

TRITON: Made by Into The Wind
It's a light wind kite. Wind range 5-24 km/h (3-15 mph). Dimensions: 259x111 cm. In very good condition, flown only a few times.

FLED: Made by Gomberg Kites matching "fled"
A light wind kite. Wind range 5-22 km/h (3-14 mph). Dimensions: 198x152 cm. Drogue included. In very good condition, flown only a few times.

Suited to light wind areas but is at its best in really strong winds. Will fly in winds of 5 to 40 knots and can be tacked up to 60 degrees off the wind. Wingspan: 2.1 metres. Condition: Never flown, inside its original plastic bag.

DAN LEIGH R8 Cruiser:
Handmade by Dan Leigh. The R8 is a 9ft 9in/2.97m span delta for medium winds (6-16 mph, 10-26 km/h). This is a customized version, the difference being that Dan split its wing spars in two, allowing the kite to be packed to 78 cm in length, which is more convenient for transport. Condition: almost as new, only one flight.

I prefer to sell the Triton, Fled and Kiwi Delta together, to keep shipping costs low. I am asking 180€ for the lot.

For the R8 Delta, I am asking 190€

Please, contact me for details. I am not following the forum frequently, so I would prefer to be contacted by email/phone/whatsapp/telegram:




  • I have enough kites but wonder which country you live in

    Fly High

  • Sue, I think that Vicente is in the Galicia region of Spain (north-west).

    Like many long time KAPers I already have a large collection of kites, with a few kites in a core collection that cover all KAPable wind ranges.

    Potentially I might be interested in the R8 and the NightHawk but wouldn't want to pay more than 140 Euro (plus low cost postage) for the two - which I admit seems rather mean, but I've limited disposable income and I'm not sure how much flying time they would get.
  • I have near 30 kites build by myself but I would like to buy :


    separate email just sent

    SMAC from Italy
  • Sorry for the late answer, but I don't read the forum very often

    As Hamish said (thanks, Hamish!), I'm in Galicia, Spain.

    The R8 is already sold, Hamish.

    I've answered your email, Sandro
  • All the kites are sold

    Many thaks to all that contacted me!

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