Berck kite festival 2018 Th Edition: from 14th to 22th of April

This year the kite festival will take place on the seaside of Berck.
On wednesday there will be one Kapnic : it is a travel through the countryside with our friends kite photographers.
You are welcome.


  • Wolfgang Bieck and Peter van Erkel would be coming to Berck this year .
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    Wolfgang Bieck and Peter van Erkel are going to be there. Ulli Monsee think to come too.
  • Hi aerophoto,

    the first and the second and the third reaction reading Berck +KAP is "I'm arriving", but most probably it will not be feasible... in any case I'm sensitive and interested to all positive occasions in North or West coast of France comme une nouage....

    SMAC from Italy
  • Due to work it will be difficult for me to make it this year....unless a few things change!

    I do have fond memories from my past visit. The seaside location combined with the KAPnics make this a special gathering for kite fliers and KAPers!


    KAPer Berck 2015

    Berck sur mer 2015 KAPers

    Berck sur mer 2015 KAPnic
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    Thank for your interest for this kite festival, in the past Andrea Casalboni from Italy was coming too.
    He came several years with his friends.
    You could make a travel with him , why not ?

    Thank you for theses pictures. It was great to welcome you.
    One participation to the Berck kite festival is still a must for every kaper and everyboby come back with a very good souvenir of this sharing activity ...
  • Pls share many photos of KAPnic. I hope I'll get the chance once to participate in Berck. Smooth winds for you all
  • Thank you komikite, we will give you some news .
    We will be too next september on the kite festival of Dieppe ( France ).
    Coming back in the past in the prestigious history of this seaside resort :
    The seaside in Berck plage take the same physionomy as this post card lasting from 1930 ! The seaside in Berck plage take the same physiognomy as this post card lasting from 1930 ! We can recover and find the same conditions of flight with cellular kite of these ancient times ! It is a coming back to the historical practise of kite where Emile Wenz flew for the first time in 1891 ! Kite aerial photography gave a new dimension to this classical windy seaside and helped to be known in all over the world. This happened too with the KAPWA kite aerial photographic association founded by Michel Dusariez From Belgium
  • On the Kapnic we will receive on this year celebrating the 130 years of the discovery of the kite aerial photography , an exceptional guest : Michel Dusariez .
  • This contest looks interesting. Can someone with better French tell me if the theme - "Frontières" - is meant literally or metaphorically - i.e. does it mean an actual (country) border or just a border between two different things (e.g. land and sea, a bridge across a river, etc)?
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    Dear Dave,
    I think that you can heard about the metaphorical side of the theme.
    But in Europe, like in many other places in the world, the "Refugee crisis" sounds ok for "literally or metaphorically".

    As I read the "Reglement", the only thing to observe literally is that every picture must be taken "from above", whatever what mean is used to take off the camera (I heard "not only" KAP).
    "Vue d'en haut" est à prendre au sens littéral : toute photographie prise en plongée, quel que soit le moyen utilisé pour élever l'appareil au-dessus du sujet".

    I think that an oblique picture is ok too (not only zenital ones).

    I hope it help you Dave.

    Very best regards from France.

  • It sounds interesting. Thanks for calling my attention onto it! Smooth winds for you
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