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Hey guys

Been out of KAP for the last year or so due to illness, but getting back to it now. I am looking at changing the S100 as its getting quite old now, and I am looking for alternatives. I want something that would be similar in size to the s100, and similar weight....I was wondering if the sony rx100 has been used much in KAP? Noticed its a 1 inch sensor, and is only 300 grams...

Look forward to any opinions, cheers!


  • Ok...edit...its not a one inch sensor:

    1"-type Exmor CMOS sensor (13.2 x 8.8mm, 3:2 aspect ratio)
  • Sony A5000

    I've found it to be an excellent KAP camera. If you have a bigger budget then the A6000 is a beast.

    Ebay UK has plenty 2nd hand right now.

    An intervalometer app can be bought from the Sony Playmemories site (if that is still what it is called) and ported into the camera's software.

  • Hey...thanks for the suggestion. What kite do you lift it with? Seems pretty heavy once the lens is added...
  • Pick a kite to suit the wind!
    PFK 6ft delta
    11ft 'Shazam' delta
    7' Rok

    I guess it double the weight of S100?
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