Dieppe kite festival : 8th to 16th of September 2018

Hello my friends Kapers,
We know the date of the next kite festival.
The Cerf-volant club de France (CVCF ) will have a Kap Tent about kite aerial photography.


  • SueSue
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    Thank you José
    We Look forward to seeing you there

    Fly High

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    Yes Sue,
    I will be a member of the french team .
  • Some help can be provided with the use of cameras .
    If can install CHDK on Canon compact cameras, I can program a SD card of 4Go if you furnish one .
  • There will be a new subject on the International Dieppe kite festival .
    Some kite aerial pictures realized with a camera used glass plate 4,5x6cm were found last May .
    A french kaper realized them on a seaside certainly on the years after the 2nd world war .
    We can see a car Citroën 2CV , they were built at the end of the year 1948. It helped to find a good time precision .
    On one of the glass plate we can see the kite photographer .
    We found a german Bebe ICA camera working with a Tessar Zeiss lens and a speed of 1/250s !
    It's own weight is 451gr .
    Some experiments will be done to replace the glass plate with a paper sheet to make it working again .

    One exhibition will be done on the Kite Aerial Tent of the kite festival .

  • @aerophoto .Can you pls attach the pic that you are writing about? I would be so curious to see it :)
    Thanks a lot in advance
  • There will be some technical news about our activity .
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