VIDEO down with a separate small camera HELP


I would like to add the chance of video control to my RC RIG now TILT PAN CLICK

possibly I would like to use a small SEPARATE - ADDITIONAL camera in order to use different main cameras on the same rig

could someone give me an indication of a possible system :

power supply near 5 V
5.8 GHz radio transmitter possibly integrated with the additional small camera
at ground level something like the GTeng receiver

expected max 150 meters distance ground to RIG, open sky

thanks in advance for whatever indication

SMAC from Italy


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    this 5.8GHz transmitter works perfectly with the Gteng. It's cheap, very small and requires just 3-5 volts (which you presumably already have on your rig). It's pretty easy to use it with any camera that has analog video out - just connect it to ground and video on a suitable plug. It would also be easy to hook up to a separate small video camera.

    I just updated my PAP rig to use it (the 2.4GHz video link I was using was a bit too bulky).
  • @Dave Mitchell

    thanks a lot for your kind suggestion; I have placed an order yesterday for the components

    thanks again

    SMAC from Italy
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