WWKW 2018

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Hi Everyone!

"Can we have a World Wide KAP week this year??"

I asked the same question last year at arround this period, I always look forward to have this yearly event since I start to do KAP.

Hope that everyone can throw in some new idea to make this yearly event more fun & meaningful.

Good wind,

Erich Chew


  • Agree - lets do WWKW 2018.

    Perhaps with a twist....highest and lowest KAP shots....

    Keep the ideas flowing!

  • I like the idea of having a theme or two, rather than just having a generic week to take photos.

    Low KAP (because it is more responsible than flying too high!)
    Family/friends gathering
    Local landmark
    Photos by fixed rigs only

    What do we all think?
  • Fixed rig - no pan, no tilt ?
    Or Wind Watcher Jim getting his rig back in the sky after a story-full outing ?
  • I like the suggestion of Ningaloo. A special theme or two is a special challenge.

  • Great. These themes inspire me a lot all the time!
    My idea would be: rhythm.

    Smooth winds for you all

    (When is it scheduled?)
  • I don't think we should be too clever with theme choices. I would be stuck with rhythm. I'd want to find a set of drums in a field - unlikely!

    Paul C - fixed as in you have to choose your angle before sending the camera up, whether it be straight down, in landscape type orientation or otherwise. I think going back to basics makes us all think about our targets more carefully rather than relying on something like AutoKAP to shoot everything for us.
  • I agree with the back to basic idea. My favorite and smallest rig is pan only.

    I was being tongue-in-cheek about it being one of Jim's rigs....

    Sometimes with my 10 sec SDM interval approach, I feel guilt of "machine-gun shutter firing ".

    I have nothing but the greatest respect for people like Simon who would use an ice cube to trigger
    one shot on film, bring it down for another cube and advance the film...
  • My most basic "rig"!


    Allowed me to get super close to other kites:

  • Rhythm -like patterns on fields or so - :)
  • Ahh, I'm with you now!

    Dates.... End of this month? 26 May to 03 June. That covers 2 weekends. Do we need to wait any longer? :-)

  • 1. Date : 26 May - 03 June 2018
    2. Theme : Rhythm
    3. KAP Method : Basic / As simple as possible!

    How about Photo upload page? should we just simply upload to WWKW flickr page?
  • Hey Erich. We could use the existing Flickr page I guess. Make it easy for ourselves.
  • Is it FIXed? I'd like to announce it on the Kite Aerial Hungary site so new KAPers could join this event... Thanks for your response in advance
  • How about "patterns" or "straight down / nadir" or I like "local landmarks" though as I'm on holiday in France my "local" subject would not be at home!

    Dates OK by me

    Fly High

  • @komikite,

    Yes, confirmed
    Date : 26 May - 03 June 2018

    Flickr URL for photos upload : https://www.flickr.com/groups/kiteaerialphotography/
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