GoPro Backbone kit

edited June 11 in KAP Cameras
As some of you know I only started KAP recently - didn't want the overly wide angle of view that GoPros and similar action cameras have - received advice from Bill Blake that a Ricoh GR was just the ticket and went ahead and acquired one. After dropping it in the sea I picked up another one, which is probably faulty due to my dragging it across the ground a few times - uneven focus across the frame. It basically works but is never going to produce anything very impressive.

So now I am looking at other cameras including GoPro because I see that a company in Canada makes a lens conversion kit - the Backbone. This replaces the standard lens completely and gives the camera a C-mount. C-mount lenses are completely dumb having no aperture linkage i.e. set the f-stop on the lens and the blades close to that size. Manual focus only, no bother, just a bit of tape to keep it at infinity, right? One downside might be that the modded camera would no longer fit in the maker's rather good case - no biggie for me as I have a fairly bombproof action case for my current camera.

A spinoff benefit of this mod is that the IR-cut filter in the camera can easily be removed, thus converting your cam to IR sensitive.

I wondered if anyone here had experience of this mod and could shed some light. Cheers


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