• An echo of some of the original uses kites were put to perhaps but thoroughly regrettable that it should be happening many centuries later! I noticed reference to anti-kite drone technology being developed. Perhaps anti-drone kite technology will follow....
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    The folks flying those 'fire kites' need to be forced to fly them on PIANO WIRE during a THUNDER STORM.

    "F---ing savages!" -- APOCALYPSE NOW [1979]

    {'Nuff said....}
  • Ya, know, I think we're getting close to forbidden territory for this forum. Politics is pretty far from our focus . Were it not, we might go on about our current excuse for a democratic dictator...

    Regarding " fire kites", that regional conflict is one I will never live to understand. Truth is, both sides have done
    horrific things to the other. Burning kites do seem a little sacrelegious....
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    FWIW: I realized as I was typing my comment that this topic IS a bit "political". That said, since what is being done is so ANTI-KITE {for lack of a better term}, I feel is should be at least mentioned....

    {EDIT: Just so I am clear with what I am saying: Between THIS discussion thread and the "Kite + Camera = DRONE in California" thread, it is clear that ANYONE on this planet with HUMAN DNA can be an IDIOT. And that HAS included ME at one time or another, although DROPPING NAPALM FROM KITES is NOT in my repertoire. 'Nuff said....}

    "I love the smell of napalm in the morning." -- APOCALYPSE NOW [1979]
  • Sad indeed.
    I think it says something of the desperation of the situation. History will be the judge, the struggle for the lands of Palestine will not be solved by these actions but the dispossessed will try everything to remind the world of their loss. When the wind changes I'm sure the reply will come and it will damage far more than fields of Israeli wheat.

    If ever there was an example of 'asymetric warfare' kites vs IDF is it.

  • It is unfortunate that kites are being used in such harmful ways but, it’s application will affect some People’s perception of KAPers. That is just the way things are, any unusual object lifted by a kite will be questioned and it should but, unfortunately with less curiosity and more “what bad intentions are you using that kite for”. Let’s hope curiosity prevails.
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