Things that are not very complicated can give joy ;-)

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Hello everyone,

time passes, all the objects around us are more and more complicated. Even the KAP kite has become a set of technical material innovations. All this improves performance but also safety. Unfortunately, when browsing Flickr pages, you can not see the transmission of better and better photos. Recently, I unscrewed a servo with a battery, from the smallest Brooxes rig. I added the Canon S80 with a hacked SD card, and everything works fine. During photosession, I try to focus on a specific, previously selected topic, sometimes changing the inclination of the rig. The light set is great fun, even in the weak wind. Very important for the quality of the photo is the appropriate time of exposure, and the stabilization of the set in the air. That's all. The most important thing is good subject and light, it is difficult to get good shots without it. The battle with the photograph of the drones, I consider it to be from the beginning of the game.

Piotr BKT


  • Hi Piotr BKT,

    very nice indeed to see you back to the forum with nice pictures and news

    wish you all the best possible

    SMAC from Italy
  • Thanks Sandro, I think that you should show off your new kite sewing studio. It gives you hope for the creation of new great kites, fantastic work and professional performance. Well done Maestro.

  • Smooth winds for you all, beautiful lights for everyone and enjoy nature, kite and KAP
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