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Hi all,

I have just uploaded a completely revised css for the KAPwiki. Nothing spectacular just a cleanup using a bit more color and adding a logo.

With the recent discussion on readability of websites, I would really like to hear from you all wether it's an improvement, or if I should forget the colorscheme.

Please inform me of any glitches that might occur. for now, I-explorer and firefox seem to test ok.



  • Works just fine on my iMac 24 using Firefox and Safari.

    Cris Benton's name is spelled wrong on the discussion page header.

    good going otherwise, Wicherd. Thanks!
  • Corrected.

    Thank you Brooks
  • Looks good. I like the horizontal view of the alphabet on the Jargon page.

    I also added kaperchief rig to the list.
  • Importand notice to all that want to get an account for the KAPwiki:

    To prevent the recent spam at the wiki, I have disabled the option to create a new user. If you would like to get an account, contact me using my mail adress wicherd [at] vogelblik.nl. I will then create an account for you.

  • In case some of you haven't seen the spam, I've been diligently monitoring KAPwiki and have been deleting that Web marketing junk (spam) and blocking those users. Since the 15th of August, we've been getting the oddest postings on KAPwiki, some of it in Chinese. Perhaps these odd postings were placed on the wiki so that Web search engines and e-mail spam could link to them? Sleazy behind-the-scenes marketing, eh? That's a guess. That is, PTS or Parasitic Trojan Spam.

    I do encourage legitimate KAP users to register with Wicherd and to continue offering your contributions to KAPwiki. Alternately, you can contact Wicherd or me with content that you would like to add or change.

    Thank you.
  • I have started to update KAPwiki. Today, I added AuRiCo and CHDK.



    If you have any suggestions for additional terms to add to the Jargon List of KAPwiki, please let me know.


    Thank you.

    (I tried to contact Peter of AuRiCo, but his e-mail address bounces. Does anyone have his current e-mail addy?)
  • Here's what I've been using successfully: engelspj at t-online dot de
  • Thanks, Brooks. I was hoping that Peter would review the new AuRiCo entry.

    And how about the Fled? Fled would seem to be a useful KAP-oriented term.
  • I agree. But let's wait until we have some!
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